Saturday, May 31, 2014

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Monday, June 2
US Economics (Time Zone: EDT)
09:45 Markit US Manufacturing PMI, May final, exp. 56.2, prior 56.2
10:00 ISM Manufacturing, May, exp. 55.5, prior 54.9
10:00 ISM Prices Paid, May, exp. 56.9, prior 56.5
10:00 Construction Spending, Apr., exp. 0.7%, prior 0.2%
11:30 Treasury selling $25b 3-month and $23b 6-month bills
03:00am Evans to speak in Istanbul
Global Economics (Time Zone: GMT)
01:30 JPY Manufacturing PMI (MAY F)
07:45 EUR Italy Manufacturing PMI (MAY F)
07:45 EUR France Manufacturing PMI (MAY F)
07:45 EUR Germany Manufacturing PMI (MAY F)
07:45 EUR Euro-zone Manufacturing PMI (MAY F)
08:30 GBP Manufacturing PMI (MAY)
08:30 GBP Mortagage Approvals (APR)
08:30 GBP Net Consumer Credit (APR)
12:00 EUR Germany CPI (MAY P)
13:00 Canada Manufacturing PMI (MAY)

Tuesday, June 3
US Economics (Time Zone: EDT)
09:45 ISM New York, May, prior 50.6%
10:00 Factory Orders, April, exp. 0.5%, prior 1.1%
10:00 IBD/TIPP Economic Optimism, June, exp. 46.5%, prior 45.8%
11:30 Treasury selling 4-week bills and 14-day cash management bills
5:00 Domestic Vehicle Sales, May, exp. $12.65m, prior $12.65m
5:00 Total Vehicle Sales, May, exp. $16.1m, prior $15.98m
8:10pm George to speak in Breckenridge, CO
Global Economics (Time Zone: GMT)
01:00 China Non-manufacturing PMI (MAY)
01:30 Australia Retail Sales (APR)
01:45 China HSBC Manufacturing PMI (MAY F)
04:30 Australia Reserve Bank Rate Decision
08:00 EUR Italy Unemployment Rate (APR P)
09:00 EUR Eurozone CPI (May)
09:00 EUR Eurozone Unemployment Rate (APR)
Wednesday, June 4
US Economics (Time Zone: EDT)
07:00 MBA Mortgage Applications, May 30, prior -1.2%
08:15 ADP Employment Change, May, exp. 215k, prior 220k
08:30 Trade Balance, Apr. exp. -$40.6b, prior -$40.4b
08:30 Annual benchmark revisions to trade data
08:30 Nonfarm Productivity, 1Q final, exp. -2.6%, prior -1.7%
08:30 Unit Labor Costs, 1Q final, exp 4.8%, prior 4.2%
09:45 Markit US Services PMI, May final, prior 58.6
09:45 Markit US Composite PMI, May final, prior 58.6
10:00 ISM Non-Manufacturing, May, exp. 55.5, prior 55.2
2:00pm Fed issues Beige Book
Global Economics (Time Zone: GMT)
01:30 Australia GDP (1Q)
01:35 Japan Services PMI (MAY)
07:45 EUR Italy Services PMI (MAY)
07:50 EUR France Services PMI (MAY F)
07:55 EUR Germany Services PMI (MAY F)
08:00 EUR Eurozone Services PMI (MAY F)
08:30 GBP Services PMI (MAY)
09:00 EUR Eurozone GDP (1Q P)
09:00 EUR Eurozone PPI (APR)
14:00 Canada Bank Rate Decision
Thursday, June 5
US Economics (Time Zone: EDT)
07:30 Challenger Job cuts y/y, May, prior 5.7%
07:30 RBC Consumer Outlook Index, June, prior 50.1
08:30 Initial Jobless Claims, May 31, exp. 313k, prior 300k
08:30 Continuing Claims, May 24, prior 2.631m
12:00 Household Change in Net Worth, 1Q, prior $2.95t
1:30pm Kocherlakota to speak in Boston
Global Economics (Time Zone: GMT)
01:30 Australia Trade Balance (APR)
01:45 China HSBC Services PMI (MAY)
06:00 EUR Germany Factory Orders (APR)
07:30 EUR Germany Construction PMI (MAY)
09:00 EUR Eurozone Retail Sales (APR)
11:00 Bank of England Rate Decision
11:45 EUR ECB Rate Decision
14:00 Canada Ivey PMI (MAY)
Friday, June 6
US Economics (Time Zone: EST)
08:30 Change in Nonfarm Payrolls, May, exp. 219k, prior 288k
08:30 Change in Private Payrolls, May, exp. 215k, prior 273k
08:30 Change in Manufacturing Payrolls, May, exp. 10k, prior 12k
08:30 Unemployment Rate, May, exp. 6.4%, prior 6.3%
08:30 Average Hourly Earnings, May, exp. 0.2% m/m, prior 0.0%, exp. 2% y/y, prior 1.9%
08:30 Average Weekly Hours All Employees, May, exp 34.5, prior 34.5
08:30 Underemployment Rate, May, prior 12.3%
3:00 Consumer Credit, Apr., exp. $16b, prior $17.529b
Global Economics (Time Zone: GMT)
05:00 Japan Leading Index (APR P)
06:00 EUR Germany Industrial Production (APR)
06:00 EUR Germany Trade Balance (APR)
07:15 CHF CPI (MAY)
08:30 GBP Trade Balance (APR)
12:30 Canada Employment Change (MAY)

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