Sunday, June 16, 2013



RELCAPITAL trending in downward channel and stock moves from its channel bottom toward channel top. As Insurance bill is under process of approval in Parliament which is beneficial to the company if get approved. Stock may see some sudden up move. One can buy the stock at CMP or every dip to 304 to see  340 - 350 levels.

If channel breakout happens then stock may also see 380 levels.

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  1. Booked out profits at 345 levels which we anticipated when the call is given.Also booked our 340 calls taken at 3.80 paise at 11/-
    Now we are out of this counter. We will see if stock gives expected breakout tomorrow or in two days to ride again. Waiting to here for the bill from Gov. We moved to ABIRLANUVO@ 1062 levels when stock crossed L3 levels opening down today from same pack.