Friday, June 7, 2013



HEXAWARE is moving in a downward channel. Stock reached at the Upper end of the channel.
If stock gives a breakout of this channel, we may see a good up move in the stock.

On Break out:

Buy the stock above 83.25 for targets of 85.35 to 86.Above 85.5 it will be inv HnS break out. so we can expect 92 to 97.8 levels.

If Breakout is not given:

If stock did not give break out and see a selling pressure tomorrow, then go short on the stock with SL at 83 for targets of 76/71.5/68 over a period of time.

In larger picture Stock looks forming inverted  HnS with neck line at 72.After few days if stock breaks down this level then Stock may see much lower levels. So keep watch this stock either upward break out for target of 92 & 97, if not look for much lower levels.

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