Monday, May 20, 2013

Be part of the stream to make good money

Be a part of the stream

Whenever you see the price correcting on opening trades with Long Candles and huge volumes, try to jump in and be with the stream. There are different ways how you can get into the trade. Especially when price is falling with out much buying seem in first 3 minutes of trade, then you can just be with wind of price moment.

If you look at below charts of Bharti, Lupin, Ranbaxy, they opened with more selling pressure.Trend of these stocks for the day seems to be negative, so be a short seller on the stocks either in Futures market or in Options market.

1. You can sell in the Futures market at the price it is being traded and can close the trade after some correction/ after price stabilizing at some point.Also can Trail SL for more profits.
2. You can also sell the OTM / ATM Call options and later can close the trades by buying them back at lower prices.
3. You can also buy the OTM PUT with strike approximately the target price of this correction. Once your target price is reached one can book profits.

These moments are going to be very fast most of the times as we are seeing in below charts. Trades who can  take risk can also trail SL their trades as more weakness comes in a day may continue to the next day as well most of the times.

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