Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Nifty Interesting observation


An interesting observation from the chart and Technical Analysis book provided on the site.

Nifty chart as on 26-Feb -2013

Do you guys think reading books and understanding the concepts does not work for you? Is that too hard to wrap up your positions when you observe distribution ? You may find the similar patterns in stock specific charts as well. So keep yourself aware of the market behavior.

When you see small correction with black candles in strong uptrend, that may not be opportunity to exit. Market participation may take hold of the share of weaker hands.Stick to your positions and targets.

 When you see market in sideways for quite some time and observe a long black candles where distribution is happening, then lighten your positions in the market and stick to Stop Losses.When you see a BIG BLACK candles that is a SELL OFF and may be signs of market down trend.

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